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The Hindu

The boot's on the other foot

The Ladies Park in the Bhawanipore area in south Kolkata was unusually active and sprightly on the morning of May 2. Youngsters, mostly girls, with their parents, relatives, and friends stood around a boxing ring, held hands, and swayed to an upbeat tune. The first-ever Meyeder Para Kickboxing Championship (Girls’ Neighbourhood Kickboxing Championship) was about to begin.

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The Caravan

The Residents of a District in Andhra Pradesh Who Voted in the ...

I met Savitri Natarajan on the afternoon of 22 April, as she was filling plastic boxes with food: fresh lemon rice, homemade gram and rice-flour chips, pickles, fries and curd. She was helping her family get ready for a journey of almost 900 kilometres, from their home in Yanam town, on India’s eastern coast, to the city of Pondicherry—the capital of the union territory Puducherry.

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The Caravan

The Waning Relevance of Andhra Pradesh's Document Writers ...

Each workday at around 10 am, Surat Balakrishna reaches his office by way of a serpentine lane behind the newest mall in Vijayawada—the “business capital” of Andhra Pradesh.

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The Caravan

Chess Boxing's Rapid Growth In India - The Caravan

Chess boxing was invented in 2003 by the Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, who was inspired by an imaginary sport illustrated in a graphic novel by the French cartoonist Enki Bilal, in

36266 sky city by oberoi article

India's Towering Aspirations - A Reality Now

Four of Kolkata’s residential skyscrapers are completed and functional while the remaining seven are at various stages of ongoing construction. Out of these, six are structurally topped out, and the highest one goes up to 252 metres.

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Teen Vogue

How Kickboxing Is Changing the Lives of Teen Girls in India | Teen ...

"It’s a beautiful sport. When we are playing, the opponents are not friends or enemies. There are strategies and tactics to learn and practice beforehand, and presence of mind to apply at the ring. It made me strong in body and mind, it made me confident, and I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to learn and practice,”...

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The Caravan

Mind Game: An unusual sport’s rapid growth in India

On a Sunday morning in late December, inside a small gym room in a modest three-storey building in Kolkata, Jayashree Adhikary, an eleventh-grade student, moved around briskly in red boxing headgear.

The ghazi article
The New Indian Express

'The ghazi attack is our way to express gratitude to our Navy'- The ...

It’s touted to be India’s first underwater and war-at-sea film. It’s probably the first of its kind high-budget project coming out of Tollywood sans the regular serving of item numbers, full-time female leads and comedy stop-gaps.

Aj article
Al Jazeera

India: For the love of second-hand books | India | Al Jazeera

The second-hand book stalls at the Vijayawada Book Festival intrigue customers with a dose of nostalgia.

Coffee article
The New Indian Express

Coffee with colours- The New Indian Express

Creativity knows no bound. An artist may find muse amidst the most mundane stuff; it can even be a teaspoon of instant coffee powder. And with some enthusiasm and sincerity, one can make an occupation out of it.

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Giant Step Towards India's Tax Unity For Transparency - Goods & Service Tax

On August 3, the upper house of the Indian Parliament witnessed an eventful day, one that will be remembered for a long time to come. The most significant set of tax reforms in Indian history since 1947 was unanimously accepted at the Rajya Sabha, after seven long hours of heated deliberation and some humour.

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Changing Face of the Indian Fenestration Industry

Better aesthetics, safety, sound and thermal insulation, energy efficiency, and low maintenance are features that are driving acceptance of new age materials in the construction of doors and windows in modern buildings..

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Al Jazeera

Kondapalli toys face modernisation and cheap imports - Al Jazeera ...

Kondapalli has a heritage of toy making. The ancestors of these artisans, it is believed, migrated from Rajasthan and chose to settle in this region in the 16th century, establishing the art they had brought with them.

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Yoga for the brain: The popularity of a drawing method is causing anxiety among its practitioners

Zentangle was meant to be a meditative drawing form, a way to develop spiritualism. But some of its practitioners are selling the resultant art.


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Kolkata to Bishnupur: Red Earth stories - Livemint